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twi_dreamteam's Journal

twilight dream!team - gaspard & emily
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Hate Kristen & Robert as Bella and Edward? Yeah, so do we.

Okay, so. The announcements for the casting of Bella and Edward came out. What did you do? Scream? Cry? Yell out in anguish? Well, of course you did. After all, what about the dream!team?! Don't the fans opinions count for anything!? Alright. Maybe you didn't freak out to that extent. But basically, a lot of us were a little miffed. Kristen Stewert and Robert Pattinson were hardly our first choice for Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. This community is for those who would have rather seen Emily Browning and Gaspard Ulliel in those roles. Don't get us wrong, we're not bashing Kristen and Rob. Not at all. We all just prefer Gaspard and Emily as our Lion and Lamb. Okay? Good.

oo1. This community is strictly for Gaspard and Emily as Edward and Bella. That's kind of what we imply with whole dream!team thing. So no Kristen and Rob, no Ellen Page, no Henry Cavill, etc etc. And again, we are not bashing any of those other fine actors except maybe Kristen and Rob. We just want to have a comm where we don't have to go sifting through graphics laden with other actors.

oo2. As for what's allowed to be posted here. This is, for the most part, a media community. Fic is not allowed. Posts regarding quotes, questions, book discussions, etc are not allowed. Icons, banners, wallpapers, etc are allowed, as long as you are using Gaspard Ulliel as Edward Cullen and Emily Browning as Bella Swan. Fanmixes are allowed, under the circumstance that the graphics accompaning your songs have Gaspard as Edward and Emily as Bella. Wow, that's redundant now, isn't it? Do we get the point?

oo3. No more than three images outside the cut as the teaser for your post. If your images are large, please use a smaller preview to tease. If your post stretches the layout or takes up an abnormally large spot on someones flist, we will ask you to change it. If it's not changed within a reasonable amount of time, we reserve the right to delete it. But, please, just make it easy on us and keep your posts at a normal length. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, please check the LJ FAQ.

oo4. Okay, to be nice, if your post has other Twilight graphics made with other actors, we'll allow it. Under strict conditions! All graphics with any other actors must be under the cut. Any posts violating this rule (i.e. Kristen and Rob icons as your teasers) will be deleted without notice. No warning, nothing. Any images posted on the outside of a cut must be with Gaspard and Emily.

oo5. If the mods are keeping the peace and not bashing Kristen and Robert other actors, the members have to do the same. We're not saying to keep your opinions to yourself. Say all you want about the other actors people use for Edward and Bella. Freedom of speech and all that. But don't start any flame!wars or whatever over it, okay? That's not cool. Besides, if you're here, we figure you're not that big of a fan of anyone else in the roles. So keep it cool, alright?

oo6. Advertising is allowed within your posts, but please do not make an entire entry solely dedicated to advertising a community/journal. If you've got a relevant post and at the end you want to mention a new Twilight comm or something? Go for it. Any post that is just an ad for a comm will be deleted without notice.

oo7. This should be a total given, but don't rip off anything from here. Give credit where credit is due. It's not that hard to put in the comment of your user pic made by; username. Don't post icons/graphics that you have not made unless you have the makers permission. And please, please, please comment on posts. Makers love to heard your feedback, even if it's something simple like 'So pretty!'.

Your lovely mods;

You can email us at;
twilight [dot] dreamteam [at] gmail [dot] com

A hundred thousand thank yous to magicprophecy for originally creating the manips used in the header, made by starprincesss. Also thank you to heartbehaves for the Gaspard/Emily moodtheme, refuted for the layout coding, and to reversescollide for the user info banner coding. And to Gaspard and Emily for being the dream!team! Also an ENORMOUS thank you to chrissydechagny for coming up with the 'dream team' name. :]